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Monday, February 17, 2014

NTT Torture log for Feb. 16-17 2014

8:15am  on rec 10 to 10:59 hum from weapon

7:19pm Torture from 405D increasing.  ELF beam to the top of my head.  If she hurts me I will not be able to go on.

10:48pm The woman in 405D seems to be doing this torture for the sheer enjoyment of it.  Her whole life revolves around torturing me.  She wakes when I wake and sits at her computer all day watching me, while she selectively tortures me in different ways.  The objective is to make me have a psychotic break.  She is analyzing my actions and words throughout the day in order to find the perfect mix of torture and harassment that will make me act out or angry so that I she can call law enforcement to arrest me.  She failed at this a couple of weeks ago, so now she is recharged in her quest.

renewed vigor in quest to enforce illegal Skinner box experiment.  The pounding has never been more loud and persistent.  This is the association of a noise with physical pain.  The handler is trying to use a highly unethical operant negative conditioning of a human being
She is trying to condition me to associate the noise she is making with physical pain.  The idea is to enforce this negative feedback so that my body reacts negatively when I hear the noise whether pain is inflicted or not.
I am noticing the handler make noise as I am writing, so this (social control conditioning) is the type of thing that it will be used for.  It is not about me, but continuing research into abuse of human beings for covert manipulation (mind control).  The American people should be repulsed by the fact that private contractor handlers are dispatched in behalf of the Government to improve on methods of controlling human beings using torture and unethical psychological practices.  
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