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Saturday, February 22, 2014

NTT Torture Log for Februrary 18-2014

9:03am the handler in 205D and 405D is attacking and harassing me by projecting a chemical from the wall onto the back of my head. I keep hearing and feeling a THUNK, THUNK sound at the back of my head. I am familiar with this type of harassment. The chemical is an electrolyte used to increase conductivity between two or more points on the body. I know what I am talking about. read my article chemical harassment. This is used on most TI's even though most do not realize. Just think if you ever felt a stinging in your eyes and your glasses had a misty look or droplet stains on them.
You clean them off and within a few minutes your eyes start burning again and look to find the stains are back on your glasses again. Most will dismiss it due to feeling it would be insane to tell anyone. It is not insane though.  I have three college degrees in each of Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors in Computer Science plus applicable work experience.  This allows me to make educated observations based on my knowledge of what is possible with today's technology and how that might be done.

 I wear a leather hat indoors to keep the chemicals off my scalp. Another target is the pubic area, a mans scrotum is the target for these attacks. This is because many blood vessels are close to the surface and introduction of a transdermal chemical on the scrotum is like getting into the blood stream almost immediately. The pubic area is vulnerable. Men will notice that they have become impotent after the targeting. The reason for this is because an electrolyte on that area acts to direct energy up through the body to another point where the electrolyte is present. The high energy kills sensitive nerves, causing impotence. I know this to be true from first hand experience.

chemicals in my livingroom and on clothes...

here are pics of my glasses and pics of chemical on walls

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