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Sunday, March 25, 2012

daily entry 3/25/12 at 1:44pm pacific

I was rudely awakened at 7:00an this morning.  as a target, I am normally not attacked fist thing in the morning, however this morning was different.  The attack felt to me like I was being stung by bees and each hit was very painfull, as a bee sting.  I would say I suffered about 100 stings or strikes of chemical toxin all over my head and upper body, before giving up trying to sleep and got out of bed about 7:15am.  I had a plastic tarp to shield me from the toxin, The plastic tarp works but It is a trade off because  of how cumbersome and noisy it is.  The handler that came on duty at 7:am is a sadist and wants to kill me today and preferably before his first cup of coffee.  

I have revised my thoughts on these handlers.  I believe now that they must be very low IQ level to be able to do the work they do.  No one in their right mind would take this work (if you can call it that).  To these people I am no more a concern than the next cow in line to get a bolt in his brain in a slaughter house.  Therefore, they have no empathy for other people  These people have the classic symptoms of psychopathy.  One percent of of the people are psychopaths, but the smart ones have the good sense to keep a low profile, unlike these handlers.  They probably think they are at the top of their game in this job and compare torture techniques with each other (how creepy and disgusting is that?).   A desire to kill and the fact that they are willing to commit murder and torture on a daily basis.  the third criteria is that they have no respect for authority.  Only three criteria need be met of the criteria set by psychiatrists for them to be considered Psychopathic.  These people obviously do not belong in society.   These people may even enjoy their work.  It is tough to imagine someone who likes to torture and kill by shooting poison and focusing at an old man in his apartment.  I have read that Psychopaths know they are different and what normal people expect.  By indulging their selfish desires, they have ruined it for everyone else.  Now all people will be afraid to say anything right now until they cant take it any more.   Everyone will be afraid they will be targeted, if they do not go along.  I think at the current rate of TI creation, it should take about a year, but no more than two years to become exposed.  I can't say what they will do with all these people, but they do have the FEMA camps they could use.  FEMA and the DHS will be disgraced by that time so they wont be in a position to object.  

It is an interesting observation that Psychopaths will probably not notice the handwriting on the wall and it will be a big surprise to them when someone comes to pick them up for war crimes or whatever they will be charged with.  They are like children in this respect.

Yesterday, I got good video of two perps in the apartment  across the courtyard from me..
They were waiting for me to open the sliding door in the back of the apartment.  The handler directs poison into the  apartment and must need them as a diversion.  They stand there looking at the floor or down.  They look like goofballs and it was obvious to the apt. manager, when I showed him.  I don't think he will do anything about it though.  I gave him a When You Were Sleeping DVD..  It is my goal to be more outgoing and go ahead and tell my story in a simple way.  We need to get the information out there.  

Sandy and I are now in a new AD HOC committee which will make positive and visible change happen for the TI community.  I feel great about this new development.  It gives me something to do with my talents.  Both Sandy and I are feeling better about ourselves than we have in a long time.

I have bought more paint for the apartment.  I may have two lemmon 5 gallon containers of paint.  At least the one from Home Depot has poison in it.  I need to sent in a sample. to the BEHR company, if I can demonstrate the problem adequately.   

Also, I have to send in the poisoned cigarettes to the respective companies.  They are poisoning Sandy's cigarettes at the store as she buys them.   Sandy agreed not to go back there the the Chevron station any more.  We have to make changes as we can.  These people are ruthless and not to be underestimated, but they can be beaten.  They are on defence and we have offence.  These people can only be confident if they know they are right.  I can be confident that I am right because I am fighting for my life.

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