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Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 16th, 2012 post

I am at home and have been at home most of the time (120 west casino rd #35B, Everett, WA)
today is a continuation of the brutal attacks by the DEW operator, directed at me in my home.  I am being pummeled brutally by poison in my apartment.  Also, My food is being poisoned.  This is unusually aggressive attacks on me.   I have stopped smoking cigarettes due to poisoning of them (quitting is good anyway).   The weapons operators objective has gone from slow kill to fast kill in other words.  I have been calling the weapons operator names because of the extreme harassment.  This person enjoys his work (killing).  This person has problems with self control and inflicting pain on people.  He likes inflicting pain in other words.  He needs to be dealt with.  NAZI pig is the term that best describes this person.

This morning I went to Loews to buy more white paint for my apartment.  I was given a 5 gallon container that was different than the one I chose.  The one I chose was not full because it was there to be mixed for colors.   I thought the paint I bought was good because it looked to be normal white under UV light.  I am going to do some more testing on it.
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