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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can hear the humming sound coming from Apartment 36A as they use their portable microwave weapon on me. 

The handler is pulling out all the stops as he tries to murder me.  Even now he is turning up the power level as I can hear the tone of the humming noise change and feel the power coursing through my body.  

If I am to die now, then I consider it my honor to have defied such a sub human example of mans worst accomplishment on earth.  This handler is a despicable creature who does not even deserve the mention of human being with respect to himself.   He would be considered wierd by any standard.  No one in their right mind would consider it a good idea to kill another human being in their own home as though they were a science experiment.

What this handler is doing to me should surely be considered a war crime against humanity and be treated as if he is a war criminal.  

As always, if I should not survive today, the handler can be found by checking who is working today.  Also check the phone records of the hispanic people downstairs in Apt. 36A.  They have spoken to the handler many times.  In addition, Jane Westover who is my room mate is involved as a perpetrator and is working with the handler as well.

James Lico
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