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Friday, March 29, 2013

Gitmo hunger strike: Timeline — RT News

The prisoners in "Gitmo" are being tortured with Directed Energy Weapons as are Targeted Individual Citizens in the United States.  They will not be released, just as targeted individuals will not be freed from electronic captivation.  The psychopathic entities in the US who are pulling the strings of this evil torture, cannot take the chance that someone may believe the Gitmo prisoners.  They might spill the beans and reveal the reason they would rather be tortured with traditional methods.  I can tell you why this is so, but no one will listen to me.  If it is described by Gitmo prisoners, that would be a confirmation with Targeted Individuals.  The NDAA holds Targeted Individuals electromagnetically, without due process.  If not for the NDAA, the Government could not torture us to death, without due process. 

In his letters, prisoner Shaker Aamer appeals in desperation to his captors and the outside world:
"Please … torture me in the old way. Here they destroy people mentally and physically without leaving marks."
Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich tells RT the situation in Guantanamo represents the US as a country “abandoning its constitutional principles, because when prisoners are under US control and discretion they should have the same rights that any other prisoner would have. They should have the right to be told the charges against them, the right to a speedy trial, [the] right to habeas corpus, which would enable them to be released if charges against them can’t be levied.
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