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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Targeted Individual, guilt without due process

Open.Salon, while not is tied to it and thus offers the writer an outlet and ready made audience.  It is the first major on-line magazine publication to my knowledge that allows the writer to acknowledge the existence of a federal program that targets American Citizens, living in the US with directed energy weapons.  

Many people know about this program, but no one mentions or admits to knowing anything about it, therefore reader exposure is critical in getting recognition.  

It is imperative that you see why and how American Citizens are being targeted with electronic radiation (microwaves) and extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF), gang stalked by literally hundreds of paid and non-paid stalkers.  

The targets were ostensibly put on a terror watch list by Department of Homeland Security sponsored "Threat Assessment Teams" (TAT) throughout the country.  The problem with this is that it appears that Joseph Stalin has come back from the grave to assist DHS in designing a homeland security strategy for “America”.  
Homeland Security uses hundreds of contractors like Lockheed Martin for instance to carry out its dirty work. 

One problem is that there is no accountability.  Someone in the TAT can and often does, report anonymously on someones threat capability and assessment and that comment goes right into the persons file and carries full weight of believability as a comment which has been vetted for truth and fairness.  

Also, who makes up the TAT is another issue.  Probably one of the most questionable is the block captain.  This is usually a person who would have liked to be a Cop, but for whatever reason did not make the grade.  Then someone asks him if he would like to be a “Block Captain” and do neighborhood watch for free and identify potential security threats (most people have heard of George Zimmerman and the Travon Martin case).  Yes George Zimmerman was in the TAT for his block or assignment area.  So were the police, fireman,  the human resources where you work and others. 
The target knows nothing of what is going on or why and has to figure it out on their own.   The target is harassed in a never ending investigation for years or however long they live.  In addition, depending on some unknown whim of the despicable psychopathic creatures who perpetrated this fiasco, other features are added, like dermal contact poison and microwave directed energy weapons from satellites, cell phone towers and portable microwave generators and stalkers who follow them everywhere using psy-ops like tactics. 

These people are as serious as a heart attack and the target begins to understand that this is more than an investigation; it is called “SOFT KILL” by the department of defense.  The weapons used are classified as “Less Than Lethal” (LTL), but if used over a long period of time the target will die of any number of possible causes.   The pervasive fact to note is that the president says "WE DON'T TORTURE", obviously is a lie.

The procedure for targeting that we have so far:
1)    A potentially dangerous domestic terrorist is identified by a Threat Assessment Team for legitimate and or illegitimate reasons.  Remember that I said there is practically no accountability.  It seems like some sexually deviant Psychopaths got together is an room and just picked people who would not be believed if they complained. 

By the way, targets can be identified for other reasons too
  •    Someone doesn’t like the person
  •    Someone  wants the targets house and needs to get them out of it.
  •  The target is a whistle blower
  •  Wrong politics or politically incorrect (aka Liberal)
  •    Someone writs Liberal points of view on a Blog.
  •   A perpetrator wants to target women for sex (this happened in Texas)
  • A psychopath targets his ex spouse because the got away from the abuser.
  • The list goes on and on.

Now the target is identified and the person’s name and targeting information are entered into a national database, so no matter where they go they will receive the same anti-terrorist treatment they did at home.  This person has now an active Targeted Individual (TI)

The next step is to keep entering targets until the local quota is full.  Or maybe there no quota, and these psychopaths will keep entering TI's until they are physically stopped, an ominous thought. 

That is my take on the process and I bet I am not far off.  Most people would say charge me with a crime and put me on trial, but don't sentence me behind closed doors and then allow psychpatic knuckle dragger's to torture/kill (Torture/Kill is a method of murder) me with no due process or informed consent. 

Our individual rights have been stripped away at this point. This amounts to a secret extra-judicial program of torture by those who can make life and death decisions, other than the courts and the normal way of doing things.  If this were a normal society with laws and a judiciary of enforcing laws, then this would never have happened.  Ponder that for moment.  
The intent of the program is ruining a life and the apparent outcome being death by torture or suicide. No I am not kidding. This is real and it is happening right now.  This is happening to at least ten thousand documented cases of individuals all having the exact same symptoms.   All you have to do is google "targeted individual and for good measure add in the words "torture", Directed energy weapons" and for good measure add in the word "Doctor".  This will have the effect of finding those cases where in some of which a Doctor is targeted!  Check it out.

Most TI's, including myself have done nothing to deserve this.  There is a lot of disinformation out on the Internet, so be discriminative in choosing what to read.  I have seen articles which are 95% truth, with 5% going off into "never never land" to act in a disinformation campaign.  The reader must be discerning about what is read on the Internet about this program.

I have been targeted since July of 2010 and I am hanging in there. Others are not doing so well and many have committed suicide or died of torture induced trauma (i.e. stroke, heart attack, cancer).   At least I know how it is being done and can mitigate the process.  Many targeted individuals haven't a clue and receive the full brunt of the torture/kill program.

Bear in mind that the so called handlers are psychopaths.  It is also of note that all psychopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are psychopaths.  Psychopaths have no conscience and probably took the job torture/killing because they enjoy it and get some sort of perverted sexual gratification from the process or otherwise think of it as fun. They can direct an energy weapon on a target from a computer connected to the Internet, anywhere.

 This technology is not knew.  It was used in Iraq and Afganistan.   The Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) is made by Raytheon under patent and highly classified as secret.  Even so, this technology was given to sheriff’s departments, also many criminals, private investigators and many private individuals with criminal backgrounds have bought or otherwise acquired the technology, all over the country,

 This technology is supposedly to control violent offenders.  However this is not the case in my opinnion this technology is an abomination that should be removed from its present purpose, in its entirety.  An example of misuse, is a case in Texas where a private investigator and lawyer group used this technology to target woman for rape (this is documented)

 Despite it's intended purpose, still no one will admit to knowing about its existence, even though most public sector employees do know about it (many are directly involved), but choose to look the other way, including police, firefighters, public service workers and paid public engaged in the organized stalking program.

The torturer in chief or enforcer is the handler (weapon operator).  His profile is that of a psychopath, torture/killer.  He sits at a computer monitor and is able to direct stalkers to introduce chemical poison into the targets house and car and the public places he frequents.  The handler is responsible for carrying out electromagnetic attacks in their anonymous Cowardly fashion from any place there is Internet and a phone to interact with stalkers.  

Also, it is a fact that they can see through walls with the DEW weapon to keep the TI under perpetual 24/7 electronic surveillance.  They work in shifts to spy on the target and family.  The watch the TI throughout the day viewing the victim’s bodily processes including toilet habits throughout their day (all day and all night) and also hear what they the TI says and who and what conversation presents itself.

  To recap, Yes they operate in shifts and yes is an extremely expensive program costing billions and yes YOU are paying for it.  They follow the victim throughout the day and night, watching everything the person does, yes everything (probably recording it as well)!  They can also look in on what they type on the computer and listen to all phone conversations.  
I have a question for the reader?  Does this program pass for a jobs program to boost the economy.  Certainly it would take a toll if it were ended abruptly.  Could that be why it was extended as a rider on the homeland security reauthorization act? 

Until we face this head on and put a stop to it, those of you who just want to live your lives, will be looking the other way until your loved ones get targeted and then what will you do, when it is too late. One way of looking at this is that it is many programs in one with scads of money being the ubiquitous theme. 

One of the many goals of the program is to cut the ranks of the retirees, so that they die before retirement age.  Another is getting rid of undesirables; another is weapons and medical research.  Think about the corporations who get research data, no longer having to elicit volunteers, maintain a lab for testing or even care about the health effects of the test subjects, because they will be dead and so will not be around to testify in court.  They have taken human testing out of the lab and onto the test subjects living-room couch in their home.  There are many stake holders in this program and again, money is what it is all about.

I am 60.5 years old. I could retire in one and a half years. But now it looks like I may not make it.  I cannot work due to defending and mitigating torture and constant electronic surveillance and harassment and so far I am not able to get on disability.  Although getting on dissability is now my goal.  I still have a little money left but after that is gone the statistics show that I will probably be homeless.  I am not eliciting sympathy, but showing the chain of events that the program expects the TI’s to go through.  
I know not to call the police or to go to the emergency unless the emergency is of a type of damage that is visible.  This is because they will say I am mentally ill and may put me in a mental ward.  People in mental wards get extra torture and harassment, by the way as do jail inmates.  This is the depth to which America has sunk!  Many new TI's call the police in a frantic state and find that they themselves are the focus of probing questions which have the effect of  labeling them as mentally unstable.

Certainly Obama knows about this, but I figure that if he tried to fix it now, he would never be elected for a second term.  It is my hope and belief that after he wins his second term and no longer has to worry about re-election, he will begin the monumental task of dismantling this horrible program and putting the perpetrators behind bars where they belong.  If the republicans (Mit Romney) wins, all bets are off including HOPE!

This program has certainly damaged the American Culture and the American People.  Fear is pervasive and very hard to undo the damage once it has set in.   The ones who have participated in this will never be the same again.  It is as though the American People are in a war zone.  Some have tasted killing and torture of American Citizens.  
Many of the perpetrators are psychopaths, without benefit of a conscience they do not have the slightest inkling of right or wrong.  Before this started they were deterred from such acts by social mores and laws.  Now however, like serial killers they have progressed to a point where their sexual fantasy based on killing will not be satiated with anything less than torture/killing.  

Here is something to think about.  These Psychopaths (weapon operators/handlers) do this for one of the following reasons.
  1. do they enjoy it and have a fun time
  2. do they see it as just a job albeit an extremely weird one
  3. do they derive some perverted sexual pleasure from it.
  4. or all of the above.  (more likely the case)
This is the state of affairs in which we find ourselves as Americans.  Give it some deliberate and the intense consideration it deserves.  For example, where do we go from here?  Does it get better by itself or will it take aggressive action to fix it.   Or, do we not want to fix it and is this the template for a new society of extra judicial actions as determined by self serving Threat Assessment Teams, which remain anonymous at least as far as their decisions about American Citizens.   

If we do decide to fix it (in this writers opinion, the only logical choice) it is going to be one hell of a mess to clean up and rout out and the longer we wait, the exponentially worse it will be.  Of course, all bets are off if Mit Romney wins the election, because then it is business as usual.

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