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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is March 31, 2012. and I am writing this log of my experiences with no touch torture or targeted in the USA.
I have not slept in two days due to the extreme electronic and chemical harassment I am undergoing against my will.  Friday the 30th of March was by far the worst ever.  My handler who is responsible for using electronic and chemical torture against me is either a sadist and or mentally challanged.  It is also possible that there is a KILL ASAP order in my file.  I believe the poison is delivered via microwave gas plasma, from where it resides on the apartment walls and elsewhere.  usually the chemical is delivered by a single projectile to the back of the head or other part of the body.  Today however, hundred of projectiles are delivered by the handler to my head and body.  

Sandra Called out to me in a distressed tone.  She had received the same type of particle plasma cloud barage to her back and shoulders and leggs.  
She had obviously never received such a viscios attack and I had to comfort and console her.  The attack on her is similar to the attacks that I received.  I can hear the projectiles hitting me so I know to cover up or go else where, but Sandra dannot heare or feel the projectiles hit and so does get a llonger exposure time. By the time she noticed the pain sensation, her skin was red and damaged by the particles penetrating her skin. I know more about these toxins/chemicals because of my educationl background.  It is my theory that the chemicals are delivered by the handler opreating the radar.  I believe to moderate the energy that expended to ionise the particles and therefore deliver one or hundreds of partles to his unsuspecting target.  in Sandra's case her skin showed the symptoms of a sun burn and after 30 minutes or so, more second degree burn evidence becomes visible.  It looks like sunburn but it is actually damage caused by hundreds of microscopic particles which penetrate the skin via a bar-age of ionized particulates delivered at high speed.  The objective of this torture is to traumatize the victim.  Also the chemical is designed to work with the microwaves to enhance the damage and maximize pain.  It is also my theory that the chemicals are shot into food which is eaten by the target.  Once ingested, damage can be caused internally in organs and other tissue.

This morning while I was being intimate with Sandra, I felt a series of sharp pains in the area of my heart.  I later realized that I may have been wrong that the pains were generalized pains due to aging.  I think it is possible that the pains I suffered were delivered by the weapons operator via electronic and chemical attack.  It is my belief that the radar beam can be focused to a small area such as the heart and so it was electronically induced pain..

I am writing in my blog more these days to make sure there is documentation of the torture I am undergoing, in case I die.  I want people to know what is going on and how to look at this so that it will make sense.    I am also writing to several places at once with the same documentation to enhance the chance that someone will be able to obtain the information.  Also I tell others about the attacks to make them aware that it is very possible that something may happen to me and if so, there will be an autopsy and investigation into my death.  I am involved with a call to action  (ad hoc) committee to expand the dissemination of knowledge and awareness of Electromagnetic surveillance and harassment to people who have the knowledge and educational background to understand this torture and harassment in the big picutre concept.  

On Wednesday I was led to my own discovery of electromagnetic radiation induced in the microphone cord to my voice recorder app within my cell phone.  sharp clicks can be heard and I am still analyzing this information.  

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