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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Personal log for Saturday, 4/6/2013

4/6/2013 Saturday...I was not bothered most of the day due to plumbers were here changing out the hot water heater.  the house next door was occupied today by some kids.. Deborah says the owners kids.  I proved to myself that one of them may have a sonic beam weapon, either that or it is coming through the house next door with them in it.  The reason I think that is because the signal was coming from the West.  The kids were in the house right next to me.  My neighbor 2 doors down in 809 Fir ln. usually shoots at me from the West, but would not be shooting through a house full of kids (7 or 8 teenagers).  Also, I know the personality of the usual psychopaths and the kid using the sonic beam weapon last night was a novice and not as aggressive as the experienced killers. You can get an insight into the personality of someone who is firing a classified military sonic beam weapon at you for a long period of time.  They use it to torture and the torture has its telltale signs and signatures as you can imagine.  As I write this I am being subjected to microwave radiation from the NNE.  As you might expect, they are angry at me for telling this.  

What does noticing the teenagers, partying next door say about the youth of this country?  Think about lack of empathy, killing people in their homes, realizing that anyone can be a target if you say the wrong thing.

The neighbors who are using this technology to kill me are by default psychopathic.  They are aggressive with these DE Weapons and feel justified to kill me.  I have not done anything wrong and yet they are told something by their psychopathic leaders that makes them think I am a criminal.  Probably though, these morons just do as they are told so they can collect money to kill me.  I guess they think it ok to take money to kill people.  I really did not realize there was such large amount of psychopathic people in this country.  you just have to follow the money.  Typically they have new or near new cars/trucks in this area from what I have seen.  They mostly live here, but outsiders do come here to shoot me with their weapons.  There are at least 6 directions that the weapons come from (not all at once).  some of them are from cell tower or fixed location, one is satellite based and there are two portable weapons to either side of me two doors down on each side.  There is one to the north west, shooting down a mountain to get me.  It is angled just to the left of a two story house across the street.  How do I know this, you might ask.  I have a directional meter.  It is a Samsung Galaxy II Smartphone with an app that measures EMF magnetic or electromagnetic force.  The phone has three EMF sensors built into the phone.  The software I have to measure EMF is free and is not made to be directional.  The Application measures the X, Y and Z plane of an electromagnetic wave and the result is shown in the form of a graph of the three lines running from left to right.  There are many that have this capability and the one I have is free.  The EMF reading is in Micro Teslas, but usually I ignore this number.  What I want to see is the X,Y,Z lines be forced together, from their normal evenly spaced (no EMF) state.  The signal will be at minimum when pointing at the source and the lines will flare slightly when the meter is brought off center.  The same goes for finding the elevation angle, the lines will flare when the meter is raised above or lowered below the source target.  EMF source targets can be found in different direction depending on signal strength and spacing.

The phone is something people would normally have and the meter is free.
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