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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The No Asshole Rule

Psychopaths and Narcissists exhibit certain traits, which you should be familiar with..

You can listen to some of Sam Vaknins videos if you care to. I chose several which expose the varied traites of psychopaths and narcissists traits and behaviors. The main characteristic we associate with these disorders is a lack of empathy for others. I mention this because the handlers are by definition, psychopaths. Only psychopaths are chosen for this function, because of their lack of empathy, which allows them to torture and slow kill TI's without the ill effects that would cause normal people PTSD. To a psychopath, TI's and people in general are merely objects. It is like they are shooting a paper target and not a human being.

One question people hardly ever ask but should would be the question: Is your boss a psychopath or narcissist. Often time the answer is yes. Psychopaths and narcissists are drawn to professions where they can have control over other people. Often the control exhibited offers an an unhealthy and misunderstood benefit to the anti social boss, but results in a malignant and unproductive outcome for the employees.

Narcissists and psychopaths gravitate to certain professions and are over represented by them. One profession troubles me in particular, is that of politician. A politician with no empathy is the reason nothing gets done. What does get done occurs for the wrong reasons. Targeting would seem like a good Idea to a narcissistic psychopath, who will want this for his own selfish reasons and he will lie about the reasoning or deny it all together. I think you can see this in the way things are going in this country. The no asshole rule could work here too.
Common Professions of the Narcissist Thanks to the Researcher Sam Vaknin

Bob Suttons article on the no asshole rule
A college professor by the name of Bob Sutton made some interesting discovery regarding the work of researcher Robert Sapolsky's study Baboon troop. As the web link outlines, the baboon troop mellowed out after the alpha males died unexpectedly after eating at a garbage dump, while selfishly denying the other baboons any of the food.

The contrast is that under alpha male control, life was brutal and all baboons had high cortisol levels and concomitant related stress. Females and lower status males were beaten and abused under the Alpha males tyrannical and selfish rule.

Bob coined the "No Asshole Rule" partly as a result of how the baboon troop not only kept going after the loss of the alpha males, but thrived for many years, adapting a new paradigm, akin to the no asshole rule. Stress came down and almost eliminated as a result of a more harmonious atmosphere. In fact under the new stress free environment, all baboons got along and still functioned efficiently. In fact when more aggressive baboons happened along and wanted to join the troop they were shown how to act and if they in effect refused, they were banished.

Bob Sutton's no asshole rule worked for the baboons, so it could also be applied to the work environment and work just as well.

Bob doesn't say that the Alpha Males are tantamount to Narcissists and Psychopaths, but the comparison is appropriate for all intents and purposes. Removing the narcissist and psychopathic bosses and changing to more empathetic bosses, not only reduced stress levels but fostered greater efficiency in the work place.

There is no place of a toxic work environment fostered by a tyrannical boss.
This is the audio version of the video by the same name
Psychopaths and Narcissists.
I am bringing up the subject of psychopaths and narcissists, because so much of this targeting is performed by people with these disorders.
Sam Vaknin is a self admitted psychopath who makes his living by selling books and educating. He has a PHd. in psychology and has a nack of being able to explain the psychopath and narcissist from the viewpoint of the psychopath himself.
"Why do people torture"
Sam Vaknin demonstrates the ominous and uncontrollable urge of the psychopathic egomaniac to prey on unsuspecting victims whom they wish to dominate and control
The ego reptilian r-complex robot speaks

Cold empathy is the reason why psychopaths are so dangerous. Vacnin claims
that empathy is on the decline in our society. How do we change this is unclear.
Psychopathic Narcissists: Cold Empathy, Uncanny Valley

Bullying as Art, Abuse as Craftsmanship

Narcissist's Wonderboy Mask

Differences Between Psychopath and Narcissist

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