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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is COINTELPRO Back Using Organized Gang Stalking?

Target individuals of gang stalking and mind control around the world
Is COINTELPRO Back Using Organized Gang Stalking?
(by targeted individual Bonnie Calcagno)

Imagine what it is like to be stalked by 20, 30, or 40 people a day, to have one of them there when you leave your house in the morning, there when you come home at night. That is what organized gang stalking targets go through. They are stalked at intersections, in parks, in stores, as they walk along streets, as they enter or exit buildings, everywhere they go. Now imagine that this organized gang stalking happens not for one day or for a week or for a month, but for years.

A target’s property might have trash thrown on it. There might be car alarms set off or beeping of horns if they try to take a walk, when the go to throw out the trash. There might be noise scheduled to disrupt their sleep. Neighbors might be enlisted to join in the harassment in an attempt to socially isolate the target. Dogs might be used to intimidate, running up to the target, or jumping out of car windows. There might be wrong numbers to the target’s phone, vehicles stopping and standing in front of the target’s home.
What organized gang stalkers do is sensitize the target to a stimulus that all the gang stalkers use. The stimulus is often an everyday thing – for instance, the color “red.” The thing that makes the stimulus so aversive is the frequency with which it occurs. A group of 20 or 30 or 40 or more of organized gang stalkers might be involved in harassing the target, so the target is continuously harassed with the same stimulus but by different individuals. Every time the target enters or leaves his or her home, for instance, an organized gang stalker will be there with something red on. The target’s routines are ascertained. Neighbors – afraid of being gang stalked themselves – might alert the gang stalkers when the target is leaving his or her home. When the target walks on the beach, three or four gang stalkers wearing red might be there. When the target opens his or her blinds in the morning, the first thing he or she will see will be a gang stalker in red. It is the frequency of the stimulus and the duration of the gang stalking that makes it so aversive along with the isolation of the target.
Some of the tactics used in gang stalking are similar to tactics used in the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) between 1956 and 1971. Brian Glick, an attorney, tells us in his book, War at Home, the four main methods used by the FBI during COINTELPRO were psychological warfare, infiltration, harassment through the legal system, and extralegal force and violence. Just as neighbors today are solicited to join in gang stalking a target, back in the fifties and sixties, the FBI would pressure parents, employers, landlords. school officials and others in the life of targets to cause problems for them. Back then the FBI used dirty tricks to discredit targets, just as today in organized gang stalking misinformation about targets is spread. Brian Glick tells us the FBI used psychological warfare in their COINTELPRO program in the 50’s and 60’s against targets; today in organized gang stalking psychological tactics are used where ordinary everyday items are repetively used to create doublebinds. Open garage doors, lawn mowers left on front lawns are repetitively used by all the gang stalkers to attract the target’s notice where to notice and report such everything things makes the target sound crazy – the intent of the gang stalkers. In the 50’s and 60’s FBI agents would infiltrate groups pretending to be members; gang stalking targets today allege infiltration is taking place again with those feigning to be gang stalking targets making outrageous claims to create the impression targets are paranoid.
Is COINTELPRO back? Let’s look at the facts. The Attorney General’s Guidelines released on May 30, 2002 rescinded anti-COINTELPRO regulations opening the door to further COINTELPRO operations. Allegations have been made that organized gang stalkers are using red cars, red trucks, wearing-carrying red. The FBI has used conspicuous surveillance before. Moreover, the Bush Administration wanted to get community groups such as the Neighborhood Watch Groups to play a broader role of surveillance in the War on Terror. Its Justice Department put forth the Terrorist Information and Prevention System, Operation TIPS, which planned to involve millions of workers nationwide as informants in the War on Terror. Through a Citizen Corp George Bush hoped to get Americans across the country engaged in homeland security. The Bill of Rights Defense Committee said the TIPS program would get citizens to “secretly provide information to the government about any persons whom they consider suspicious, and for the government to set up files on these persons.” The fear of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee was that doing that “may potentially damage someone’s record due to innocent activities that are misunderstood or are invented or enhanced by the caller because of a personal vendetta.” Under pressure from Congress the TIPS program was supposedly not put into effect. But it has been said a version of it was put into effect in secret. Regardless, a team of inspectors general in July, 2009 reported that the Bush administration did put into effect an unprecedented surveillance operation by executive order after the 9/11 attack. We don’t know what the surveillance programs were because they are classified. Representative Jane Harman expressed shock when she heard of these classified surveillance programs. Senator Patrick Leahy called for a nonpartisan inquiry into the government’s information-gathering programs. When in response to two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits the FBI published on its website its Domestic Investigations and Operations Guidelines, it deleted almost the entire section on the “undisclosed participation” by the FBI or its informants in domestic groups. So the question is who are the FBI’s informants in domestic groups? Is there a relationship between what it is trying to hide and the citizens with red cars, red trucks, wearing and carrying red who are part of the organized gang stalkers harassing American citizens.
COINTELPRO in the 50’s and 60’s targeted members of the women’s rights movement, the National Lawyer’s Guild, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, groups protesting the Vietnam War, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People among others. The Church Committee concluded our government undertook government surveillance of people because of their political beliefs even when there was no threat of violence or criminal behavior on behalf of a foreign power. The American Civil Liberties Union tells us today Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act expanded the type of conduct the government can investigate when investigating terrorism. “The definition of domestic terrorism is broad enough to encompass the activities of several prominent activist campaigns and organizations.” The ACLU names Greenpeace, Operation Rescue, Vieques Island and WTO protestors and the Environmental Liberation Front” as having engaged in activities that could be branded domestic terrorism. While the right is complaining the label domestic terrorist is being attached to supporters of Ron Paul, Bob Barr, libertarians, those who have written about the constitution, Tea Party Activists and a host of others.
Senator Feingold, the chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, before he even knew who would succeed George Bush, called on the incoming President “to pledge his commitment to restoring the rule of law” in America. In his Report Card on the First 100 Days of the Obama Administration he has given an “Incomplete” in every area of Obama’s record on Domestic Surveillance and Privacy: an incomplete on “declassifying info about implementation of controversial provisions of the Patriot Act,” an incomplete on “cooperate with a review of domestic intelligence activities and authorities,” an incomplete on “support legislative changes to the FISA Amendments Act,” an incomplete on “reconsider the new Attorney General Guidelines governing FBI investigations.” In testimony given to the Senate Committee On The Judiciary, Subcommittee On The Constitution, Civil Rights, And Property Rights, which Senator Feingold chairs – Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr., Senior Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice in New York City, wrote “a bipartisan independent investigatory Commission should be established by the next Congress and President, first to determine what has gone wrong (and right) with our policies and practices in confronting terrorists since September 11, 2001, and then to recommend lasting solutions to address past mistakes.” Later in his testimony he wrote, “A Commission would serve several functions. It would reveal the many as-yet-unknown aspects of what our government has done and how it evaluated or rationalized its action. And there is much we do not know. We still do not know, for example, the legal justifications advanced for the so-called ‘extraordinary rendition’ or ‘terrorist surveillance’ programs. We do not know with sufficient detail who was responsible for advocating and implementing the troubling policies based on these legal opinions. Nor do we know whether there are other secret programs that have not yet been revealed. But, as former Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach and I have argued elsewhere, in a country whose government is premised on the rule of law, there is never a justification for keeping binding legal decisions secret.”
The last COINTELPRO program was only made public when an FBI field office was burglarized by left-wing radicals and files there were passed to news agencies (many who wouldn’t publish the information). If organized gang stalking is the latest tactic being used in a new version of COINTELPRO with the same old objective of – neutralizing dissidents – how will we ever find out without a Commission to look into the classified surveillance programs started by George Bush and continued by Barach Obama as part of the War on Terror? (target individual Bonnie Calcagno)
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