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Friday, June 6, 2014

NTT Torture log for Jun. 5&6-2014 & Legal Subjugation

Thur. June 5, 2014 11:30pm  
 I found evidence of some sort of corruption, with my official records.  A policeman recently told me I could not reclaim my guns due to having a mental health issue.  The Darby Hertz law firm in Gainesville FL, represented me when I was subjugated and robbed under the guise of a domestic violence arrest in August of 2011.  I had to have my release document which they call a "nolle" corrected.   It stated incorrectly as originally written the following: "having a mental concerns that preclude the necessity to file criminal charges" which is highly unusual and highly suspect.  There is no reason that I should have been deemed as having a mental condition.  I didn't have one before I was arrested nor did I have one after I was arrested.  In addition, I paid $1200 for a psychological exam which concluded that I did not have a mental condition. So in effect, I was certified to not have a mental condition which would preclude me from anything.  I take this issue very seriously as it severely limits my legal rights and what I can do as a human being and US Citizen.  I paid Mr. John Kearns a lawyer at the firm $5000 to represent me and he did absolutely nothing.  I had the money to bail out and he would not get it from my account to pay my bail.  Also, he advised me not to file a 30 day motion to charge me so I could have gotten out then.  Instead, I had to stay an additional 15
days in jail.  So I was never charged and was just warehoused.  While in jail I had what was diagnosed as a staph infection which they neglected and ignored my pleas to treat the infection and treated for high blood pressure.  Of note, the jail records said I was from United Arab Emirates which I told them was an error and yet they never fixed it as far as I know.  When I was in the infirmary for hypertension, I became aware there was another James Lico in the jail at the same time as me, I was told.  The jail staff asked me which one I was because they had two sets of records.  The other James Lico was 35 years old.   This is a highly suspect coincidence. 

 I was attacked with electromagnetic weapons in Jail the same as elsewhere and I could not do anything about it without sounding mental.   I kept my mouth shut about it however and acted "NORMAL".  I noticed other prisoners trying to protect themselves from attacks.  On the 45th day, I was released on my own recognizance with no fanfare and no special handling.  

I called Darby Hertz another lawyer in the same firm, in 2012 when I was having difficulty renting an apartment in Everett WA.  I told her a background check was run to rent an apartment and it found that I have this record which states that I "have a mental condition which precludes the necessity to file criminal charges" (see below).  This seemed to make sense  to her and she sent me the corrected version (see below) which did not have any extra statement.  Everything seemed to be fine until now.  I was able to rent the apartment and reclaim my guns from the High Springs police department and do what I needed to do.  But now a policeman officer in Algona WA where I live has ran a check on me regarding my guns, only to find the document that was supposed to have been replaced, is back again.  It states as it did before, the following: "having a mental concerns that preclude the necessity to file criminal charges".  My lawyer at the firm did not want to even talk to me about it although she changed her mind when I presented proof of the corrected document she provided me, that was supposed to be in effect now.  I sent previous emails for legal assistance to Hertz and Kearns, but they would not talk to me at all until I found emails attesting to the work they had done previously.
 Here is the email I sent to lawyer Darby Hertz at Hertz and Kearns:

4:58pm Friday Jun 6
This Morning, I woke up feeling OK and was besieged by torture signals from 5 different directions with one from a satellite.  I was able to detect them each separately and individually.  It felt to me like there was a beam drilling into the top of my head and heating my brain.  I am unable to fully regain consciousness after this mornings torture session.  I have narcolepsy and took an adderall tablet but it didn't work and I slept through it.   The neighbor directly across the street from me has recently joined into the torture sessions.  I detected a no touch torture signal coming from that house.  It doesn't mean he is operating the weapon, but could have placed the weapon in his house to be operated remotely by another person, probably one of his neighbors who is a private government contractor.  maybe I am the designated person to be martyred for the cause of the people to present brain damage from microwave weapons to a doctor.  I am having difficulty thinking and typing, I have a dull pain in my head and I believe I may have suffered a stroke.  I'm waiting to self evaluate so I can avoid going to the hospital prematurely.  

Fri. 6-6-14 6:02pm 
I am feeling better now although I am now being attacked again.  Although I am still feeling the dull ache and pressure in my head from electro magnetic weapons.  As I write this, my feet are stinging and vibrating from being irradiated with an Electro-Magnetic weapon by a private government contractor under government contracts.

Fri. 6-6-14 8:27pm
The painful burning to my feet from microwave weapon is so intense now I will have to stop working for a while.  The people doing this to me, are keeping me from doing what I want to do.  Many TI's believe that they are inhibiting us from reporting on corruption or this torture program.

I have an android cell phone which I am using to detect the direction and elevation of concentrated and focused microwave energy.  The neighbors who are doing this to me must have gotten carried away in the throws of their mobbing attack on me this morning.  I cant help but think how incredibly stupid these handlers must be to have taken such a job where they are physically and mentally torturing private innocent citizens.  

I apologize for nothing because I have done nothing to deserve this TORTURE.  I and the tens of thousands of people in the TI community have asked for an investigation, but as yet there is no response from our leaders in Congress and the Senate.  I have reported this torture multiple times as did tens of thousands of targeted individuals.  Most recently I have called Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Dave Reichert all of Washington.

Revised Release Document after correction to remove reference to mental issue.
This is my revised release document which replaced the original on 12 January, 2012
Note that there is no time stamp from Clerk of  the Court.  Was it not filed properly as required?

This is the original document which incorrectly indicates a mental condition

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