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Thursday, June 5, 2014

NTT Torture Log for 6-3 to 6-5-14

The torturer/handler does not have to be in the same neighborhood as the targeted individual, however, in my experience they usually are.  They could be anyplace in the world where they can use the internet.  However they are local I believe so that they can call upon their network of sociopaths to reign down organized stalkers to harass the TI.  The Harassment is to increase the agitation and make the TI as nervous as possible and even terrified if possible.  You see, bodily injury and time to sickness is faster for those people who are constantly scared due to constant cortisol flow.  These people are private contractors working under Federal contracts and they will even move into the neighborhood near the victim, as close as they can get.   Also they are schedulers and may have backgrounds in procurement and scheduling as they are like an octopus on the phone calling stalkers or asking favors of business people and workers where the TI goes.  They are sociopathic and somehow do not see any downside to the work they have chosen for themselves.  Sociopaths are never sorry for anything and have little or no empathy.  Many of these people chose this work because they like it and may be malignant sadistic narcissists who enjoy hurting people.  Of course they are not wrong for doing this work because they are doing it and they are never wrong.  Then too, they could believe they are being patriotic because it is generally believed that they get to display national security letters to people whom the targeted individual interacts with in the hopes of eliciting a helping hand with their torture.  According to the Stanley Milgram experiment, 66% of the people will follow orders and injure someone if a credible authority figure says to.  This explains why the German death camp guards followed the leader.

Is help coming, don't hold your breadth.  The House of Representative have started a Human Trafficking Task force to fight the slavery it engenders.  Will they help us is a good question.  Apparently not is the answer we are faced with because they are beholden to the Military Industrial Complex who finance their campaigns.  They must constantly raise money so they can get re-elected and the corporations know it.  Now that there is unlimited campaign contributions it will be even worse than before.  One big donor can significantly influence an election and if they piss off the wrong one it will mean the end of their careers.  Senators and Congressmen know of this program.  We have all talked to them, given them letters and pleaded with them to help us, but they persist in their blissful ignorance.  They don't want to find out what they already know will ruin their careers.  But sooner or later one of these people may take the leap and call for an investigation anyway and be a hero.  Maybe the one who blows the whistle would be the only one re-elected.

Tue. June 3, 2014  Handler is radiating my feet and legs as I sit at my computer, at dining room table.  I am editing audio of David Shurter on talkshoe where he incriminates himself.

Wed. June 4, 2014 I am being radiated now from a house half way up the block on 4th ave s. .. this house is set back from the street, is two story
in addition the house across the street from me is irradiating me.  I will get the persons name

Wed. June 4 2014.. handler is beaming the right side of my abdomen.  As I am editing a video that I need to prove David took advantage of me, I am feeling a sharp continuous pain.  This is coming from a satellite high in the southern sky.

Thu. June 5,2014 I am being radiated to my brain from NNE 60deg.  My head aches terribly and I feel like I am having a stroke in a way because  I am leaning to one side and have to compensate to stay upright. It feels like there is a heavy weight on the left front quadrant of my brain.  This handler is murdering me.  I guess he thinks it is ok to harm his neighbors in their own homes.  Its amazing that these people are so greedy that they have to make money off the blood of an elderly man in his neighborhood..  I wonder what his family would think if they knew he thinks of no one but himself and is a torturer, like the ones who worked at Abu Graib Prison In Iraq.  I wonder if he likes to hear the heavy labored breathing of his victims as they try to endure the torture that he rains down on them.  Right now the only people know what they do for a living are people associated with the torture/kill program.  I think it will be a different story when normal people find out what these pinions of moral fiber are doing to earn money.

Stanley Milgram Experiment video

House of Representatives Human Trafficking Task Force Started
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