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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Targeted Individual Exposure To Chemical Attacks (new dangers from old news)

I told you about chemical attacks in previous posts.  As a targeted individual, I am subjected to chemicals on a regular basis, so it's only natural to wonder what is in the chemical that is put on my body by the perps. It has been on my mind lately and wanted to share what I discovered.    I have undergraduate degrees in biology, electronics and computer science, so that gives me some insights and so I make observations.

I have known about chemical attacks for 2 years, but I was watching a video by marshal Thomas last night and I had an insight about the chemical that many TI's are subjected to, including me. It can be very subtle depending on the handler  and it is actually a form of sophisticated chemical warfare.

The delivery system in the TI community, is based on the organized stalking community distributing these chemicals to TI's in their cars, homes, any store e.g. grocery, restaurants, dept. stores all motels and hotel rooms and really any place people go in daily activities.  These chemicals are invisible to the naked eye, however they fluoresce under UV (black) light.

By the way the stalkers are contaminating themselves with it as well, since it is now ubiquitous and is transdermal entry.  Also, perpetrators are also exposed to the microwave weapons, from cell towers and hand held weapons due to forward overshoot.  After all, microwaves do not stop at the target, but go on to pass through other things, houses, people, pets, etc..  We need to consider these as attacks by ignorant thugs and much as a drive by shooting, these thugs care only that the target is hit and not about overshooting EMF.  In addition, there is spurious EMF energy from side and back lobe EMF energy loses due to antenna inefficiency losses inherent in transmitting antennas.  Perpetrators think they are exposing targets, but infact they are killing themselves, family and any friends they may have as well as neighbors and others who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Of course they are not told this by their employers, who may not even care.  It's like any other industrial hazard that people doing legitimate work may be exposed to.  I guess they can chalk it up to the typical hazards inherent in the assassination industry:)  Except that these perpetrators are doing Torture Tolerance Testing, to improve the kill ratio statistics of their assassination programs for the Government.

I just find it interesting they (perpetrators) are committing menticide and suicide themselves, in the process of perpetrating menticide and genocide on innocent people.  In addition to exposing themselves, they are also exposing the general population to the same process and effects of menticide and genocide, because of the careless and indiscriminate distribution of the toxins where people work, eat, play and live.  The perpetrators are told it will only hurt the TI's so they indiscriminately place these toxins in grocery stores, department stores and restaurants where food is sold or prepared, in addition to the general population touching it with resulting exposure transdermally in normal contact as they go about their day.  Naturally, the psychopathic people pulling the strings either don't care or don't know and are therefore ignorant about it themselves.  It may be a combination of both and are less concerned with safety and more interested in making their bosses happy.   Oh, I guess no one is free from the pressures of corporate society and the workaday world, I guess no one is immune (shhh... not even assassins).

 Once the chemical is applied in the vicinity of the TI, the TI is dosed with chemical via microwave chemical vapor deposition by the handler or through normal skin contact.  The handler can force the TI to have a little or alot.  By the way, this chemical also improves the electrical lock onto the TI's brain.  This is a biological agent or chemical agent distribution system. The general public is also exposed to this.

Once exposure has occurred, microwaves are the second phase of the process via cyclotronic resonance.
Cyclotronic resonance, is the ability to spin or resonate small molecules of toxic agent.  It is a process that follows a sequence.
1. subjects are exposed to small amounts of chemical or biological agent
2. the amount of chemical or biological agent may be so small as to be virtually undetectable.
3. following exposure, the subject is then exposed to microwave radiation at the exact resonance frequency of the agent they were exposed to.
4. The toxic agent will begin to resonate or spin and will react with much greater speed or activity within the bodies of the target population, similar to the behavior of enzymes that make life possible,  except this process is harmful.
5. This greater activity may be hundreds to millions of times greater than normal and would behave as if the person had been given a large dose of chemical or biological agent, enough in fact to cause sickness or death.
6. This chemical also acts as an electrolyte, which enters the body transdermally or is ingested. It allows the microwaves to be directed between two or more points to focus microwave radiation current, to cause damage to specific organs, instead of it passing through and leaving the body as diffuse radiation.
It was conspicuous by the absence of mentioning chemicals in books on the subject that I have read.  I bring it up from time to time, however.  But no one mentions it and many people (perpetrators) adamantly deny its existence and so more education is necessary. It is easy to prove and I have showed many the evidence I found, yet only some of the people know about this. Maybe, it is because only few people are very sensitive to it, and because of that these people know when it is being applied. The rest of the people get the chemical, but do not realize it.
side effects are pin point pupils or Meiosis that do not go away until the chemical wears off, diarrhea and upset stomach and edema (swelling) especially noticeable in the feet and ankles. These are a few of the characteristics of an anticholinergic, which inhibits electrical signals in the brain, similar to the pesticide carbamate or organophosphate pesticides.

These chemical attacks are a lethal and very real threat to TI's, that it behoves them to take note and precautions from hazards due to exposure.

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