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Thursday, August 8, 2013

NTT torture log for Thursday August 8th, 2013

Tonight staying at Motel 6 in Kelso WA
106 Minor Rd.
Kelso WA 98626

Psychopath direction is South West and another is North West
These weapons are pointed at me at the same time
They are microwaving me and using a sonic beam weapons

I have been in the car all day and am tired and wobbly from the trip to Seattle WA
This psychopath gets right into torturing me from his vantage point behind his computer screen in the comfort of his own house.  He enjoys torturing before bed because it helps to relieve the tension of a looooong day.  Besides, he loves to torture and let off steam.  He has his own reasons for wanting to torture a 62 year old man and he keeps them to himself, but from what we can tell he doesn't care about anyone but himself.  In other words, if the people don't want to be tortured then the people are automatically bad and torture is good.  That is psychopath logic and it doesn't make sense to me but it does to them.  
UPDATE:12:18AM 8/9/2013
the two weapons I located with my meter before are not on now.  Currently there is a Satellite to the North West about 30 degrees from top center.  I went to the car after showering to get a Mylar sheet to protect against chemicals from the wall.
The operator('s) of the above mentioned weapons can be found by querying the employment logs for the times given.  These people are paid tax money for their supposed work of torture/killing me.  As of now I will be at their trial.

Update: 12:41am
for 22 minutes, the psychopath radiating me with EMF has been turning off and then on his weapon from the comfort of his home, in an attempt to hide the radiation from my meter every-time I surveyed.  This person has finally given up and is leaving it on and radiating me.  Psychopaths have no patients and will usually give up after a short while if I maintain my vigilance.

Update: 1:02am
My legs are vibrating (feeling) and I measured again and found another satellite to the North East at about 45 degrees from top center, in addition to the one located North East about 30 degrees from top center.  They are both irradiating me at the same time.  It seems like there is yet another EMF from another direction, but as yet cannot locate it.

Update: 1:09am
Another EMF signal is now measured from the South, South West at about 30 degrees from top center in addition to the last two mentioned.  This was the one I felt but couldn't measure until now due to the operator trying to hide the signal.  Usually they are reading my typing on my computer in real time.  They don't want to be identified and logged.  They are cowards and like to torture but want to stay hidden.   Most TI's cannot measure and locate their torturers.  I am trying to change that, but as you can see, if you have an advantage, or any protection, these psychopaths may call their friends to put the hammer down and punish the TI for locating them or for protecting themselves.  I believe this to be true on occasion.  However, if everyone could locate their torturers then they would not have the resources to gang up as they are on their victim.  They still have the same advantage over me, yet they feel that this 62 year old man needs to be beaten up by three psychopaths at the same time.

I am on a main route (5) just north of Portland Oregon, in the city of Kelso, WA.  The psychopaths do not care about me and probably are angry at me for blogging and also for locating them via survey meter, so they are getting even.  They don't even look consider that my blog may be seen by someone who may know them or who may use it as evidence.  I think their anger overcomes their common sense.  Maybe they would not have taken a job torture/killing people in the first place if they had sense.

Update 2:25am
at about 2:10am, I decided to go down to the car to get some of the sheet-metal shielding I had in the car.  I had just begun stepping onto the stairway going down to the first floor, when a man came up behind me, moving quickly from somewhere to following me menacingly close, down the stairs.  I turned to look at him and saw his face, he is in his 30's and is wearing a baseball type cap, but since he was in a hurry, I had to move purposefully down the stairs and he ran off before I could get another look.  I only saw him for a second in the dark stairway.  I then walked to the car and finished getting my shielding.  I can't say that he was one of the psychopaths torturing me, but I can't rule it out either and it is early in the am with no one else seen at this hour, while I was there.  This is exactly the type of psychological harassment I would expect from these psychopaths.  At this point I am back safely in my motel room.  If it was one of the psychopaths torturing me, he may have forgotten that he has signed in to the motel and has a room on the second floor.

I have been a TI for 3 years now and have stayed in many motels, where psychopaths also were paid to move into the motel to torture me.  This could range from stalking to electronic torture.  They can be expected to make themselves appear at unexpected times to harass me in creatively torturous ways, or to break into my room.  They always want me to know they are there and so make it obvious to me.  I continue to be observant and to report incidents of this type.

One thing I know is that
1) you can never predict the type of harassment you will receive
2) You must be prepaired for anything
3) They usually will harass if they moved in at the same time I did.
4) They are angry that I blogged about them and am protecting myself.
5) This was a fast made, not thought out decision on their part.

I am blogging this as a means of documentation of events.  I try to do this daily but often miss, but will make the effort when I am in unsure circumstances or am traveling.  Psychopaths are sometimes predictable, but often not.  For instance these people do not fear getting caught that I can tell.  I am sure it has crossed their mind but it does not keep them from doing what they do.  They feel justified and also are paid well from what I can tell.  Torture/killing to them is like a job they must perform and they act like it.  They will work in shifts and in packs like hyenas.  They give the TI 24 hour/7 days per week torture/kill attention by one or more handlers.  I never awaken and find that I am left alone without a handler making themselves known!:/

Update 4:21am
Still up do to microwave radiation.  Handlers are playing cat and mouse by turning EMF sources on and off.  It is hard to tell  what others are on because it is a game I do not want to play with them (they get bored and try to play games with TI's), but there is a new one which is in the NORTH East sky at about 30 degrees down from top center.  (Top center is my terminology to standardize)
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