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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Arthritis is caused by the HANDLER with DEW

I now realize that I probably do not have arthritis at all.  My handler burns the bones in my hand, joints, muscle, cartilage.  I started getting arthritis in my hands and knees after being heavily irradiated and burned especially in those places and others.  Also I had  gotten
tachycardia right before was made aware of the targeting and now I get tachycardia and it is done by the handler by actually stopping my heart, I believe and then allowing it to continue beating after a pause.  Sean Stinn told the exact same thing about stopping his heart to Henning Witte, just a month or so before he died.  

 Now, I see that it was probably targeting with directed energy weapons all along because the experiences I had before I was targeted are identical to those I have being made aware I am being tortured now as a targeted individual.  The only difference between now and then is the intensity of the DE, was much less before I was made aware I was a targeted individual (TI).  Now the intensity is much higher, because they don't care if I know what they are doing.  I believe this is Involuntary Human Experimentation for the purpose of testing directed energy weapons.

The handlers try to damage areas of the body or cause diseases (e.g. cancer) that will be diagnosed as normal medical conditions or the death will be ruled natural causes.  The handlers often try to cause cancer, stroke, arthritis, fibromyalgia, TRIgeminal neuritis and impotence to name a few conditions which would cause death, disease or injury.

The Air Force has a $50,000,000 contract awarded to a company doing the testing.  Of course they would do the testing remotely because that is how the weapons are designed.  The test subjects will never see the handler unless they are sloppy.  They will know they are being radiated however because it will seem like TORTURE.  

This Targeted Individual Torture program consists of more than one process.  I believe it is program to gain complete control over the human test subjects minds.  The Bioweapons research is a pain aspect to the program.  TI's are subject to constant 24/7 surveillance via the handlers radar beam.  They cannot escape as far as I know.  The handler keeps a detailed log of radiation dosages given to the target.  TI's know they are being tortured but many still do not know about the human experimentation.  The TI's are not lying about the torture they receive.  They will often call it Microwaves or electronic harassment, even though harassment is a misnomer and it really is torture.  

Psychopaths are used for handlers because they will not get PTSD from torture/killing a person known as a Targeted Individual (TI).  They have a personality disorder in which they have NO or very little empathy for other people.   They will sit at their computer for hours during their shift, watching the heat sensitive image of the TI, while directing the energy beam  to target specific body parts, organs, muscles, features of the TI, to IRRADIATE them with doses of High Power electromagnet energy.  The TI will perceive this as personal torture and may not see the real reason behind the Directed Energy they receive, which can range in feeling from very uncomfortable to extremely painful.  There can be many handlers during the day, but usually there are three handler shifts covering the full 24 hour period, so the TI is watched and tortured the entire time.

The way this works is that the handler tries to keep the TI in a constant state of DISEASE at all times.  Stress causes the DE to cause more damage that way.  They have varying success with this.  It is very frightening to have someone watching you at all times, while torturing both psychologically and physically.

Following is a link to an article that goes into more depth.  Information on this subject is classified and hard to find.  However it is difficult to ignore the Government documentary evidence I have provided.  Now that I am in Washington, I will ask my congressman, to name the company who has been awarded the Air Force research contract to test High Power DE on humans.

 High Power Ultrasound is used more and more in medicine.  However the technology has long been in the military arsenal and dwarfes the medical market which is only starting to develop. 

Medical application for this technology, According to the Houston Chronicle:
The global market is driven by increasing application areas in oncology, cardiology and emergency medicine. The diagnostic market accounts for a much larger share since the technology is more mature than newly developed technologies such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).
(PRWEB) August 17, 2013 

This is a video of HPFU being applied to a small area in a human body.  The UltraSound beam has intensity and frequency adjustments.  Because the HIFU can be used as a highly refined and focused instrument of torture.  As you can see from the video, this tool in the hands of a psychopath has the potential to inflict intense pain on a targeted individual.

The psychopathic handlers receive compensation which must be lucrative enough, that they would consider TORTURER, their job in the world.  We will need to protect ourselves from these creatures by removing them from our society or they can and eventually will torture anyone anywhere.

You can see now that many more people may be targeted with these HPDE weapons than "Targeted Individuals", who know they are targeted.  Estimates of 500,000 People who don't know they are targeted are being accessed and their lives directed and their bodies manipulated by human experimentation, with higher numbers on the horizon.  Activists are now being though of as "The Enemy" by Homeland Security and are the new "Targeted Individuals".
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW." Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.
The Movie is "I Am FisHead"


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