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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

brothers keeper

Maybe no one is going to save us. I am my brothers keeper. I will fight this onslaught to the death. I am an old man and I am David and I will take them down or die trying.

I feel justified in fighting the torturers, while they are doing this for money.  One who fights for his or her rights may fail and die, but right at some point overcomes might.  Thousands and eventually millions will take up the fight and put these torturers in their rightful place.  The torturers must fail.
 They are psychopaths exhibiting their characteristic negative preservation mutations.  Historically man has had to kill those with negative preservation mutations to survive.  This greed, selfishness, lack of empathy, predatory behavior must be stamped out, in order that civilization may continue.  If that is impossible, then the psychopaths will destroy life as we know it.  Life in such a world would not be worth living.

We need to implement the NO ASSHOLE RULE,  as a positive preservation prescription for our own survival.  It makes sense doesn't it.  It means just what it says.  We need to protect ourselves from psychopaths who are predatory in nature and will take our freedom and our lives.

The ancient chinese said a fish stinks from the head.  "fishead" what is wrong with the world, Curious people are finding out.  Why don't you find out too. -
Psychologists Robert Hare and Paul Bobiak, in their book Snakes In Suits, proposed a new meme: "THE CORPORATE PSYCHOPATH".  Psychopaths control us and they are in control now.  You will discover this meme sooner or later.  I would suggest that it be sooner than later.

So what is it like to be a psychopath?  You never have to feel guilty or embarrassed again and you can and will do whatever you want.  What you want is to prey on people in order to get what ever you want and it doesn't matter how you get it.

People will learn of the Uncanny Valley reaction to psychopaths sooner than later.

Psychopathic Narcissists: Cold Empathy, Uncanny Valley

Cold empathy is the reason why psychopaths are so dangerous. Vacnin claims 
that empathy is on the decline in our society. How do we change this is unclear. 
Psychopathic Narcissists: Cold Empathy, Uncanny Valley

Sam Vaknin demonstrates the ominous and uncontrollable urge of the psychopathic egomaniac to prey on unsuspecting victims whom they wish to dominate and control
The ego reptilian r-complex robot speaks

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