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Monday, August 19, 2013

NTT torture log for Monday August 19th 2013

Psychopaths attack me from below and from satellite.  The EMF energy was coming from below.  Apartments 105 and 205 are there and it would seem that someone in one of those apartments did that.  I
was sitting at the counter of my kitchen counter when my feet and legs were microwaved with strong radiation.  My feet became swollen with edema.  The swelling has since gone down.

As I am writing this, my head is being beamed with an infrasonic weapon.  It has now 4 hours since they started beaming my head (8:17 pm) and the beaming of my head is still going on.  It causes a lightheaded and spacey feeling.  Also my heart rate is induced to be elevated at rest.  They use this type of energy when they want to hurt people.  The energy is not microwave, like I usually get but is more likely the type that injures immediately.  It seems like an autopsy would reveal some damage to the top of my brain.  I do have damage all over my body from this energy, however this is the latest.

My blood pressure is 180/105 Pulse=90bpm.  This is artificially high due to the handler.  I guess they are trying to scare me. The person doing this to me is using a satellite.  I know this because I located it with my meter and because it followed me from my apartment at Arrowhead Gardens to Costco and back.  These people can be on the internet anywhere, however experience says they are local.  They call local people to through up road blocks for the TI, using their phoney national security letters and phoney credentials   These psychopaths are murders and torturers (remember them and know them.... they are your neighbors).  They don't seem to mind me posting about them on the internet with world wide exposure.  I especially noticed this in Big Bear City CA.  Many of them are of substandard intellectual capabilities.  They are just smart enough to run the machines and weapons, but dumb enough do as they are told without question.
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW." Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie "I Am FisHead" is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.
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