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Monday, August 26, 2013

NTT log for Sunday, August 25 2013

psychopaths are irradiating me with a beam weapon tonight.  The main weapon that is always on is a satellite to the east at a 60 degree angle (aprox).  The handler is aiming a beam weapon at my face as I am writing this.

The psychopaths can be found by researching their pay records.  They are making a ton of money and they have to document about me and are paid by a large company.  Probably there are direct deposits into their bank accounts.  They must account for their time.  Experience tells me that even though they could be anywhere in the world, they are usually local to where their prey/target is and within a few mile radius.  In addition, they make a lot of phone calls, introducing themselves as some kind of government contractor or official to through road blocks in their Prey/targeted individuals path.  They are known by people in the community who do not know they are a psychopath.  they are also known by the Organized Stalking community, many of whom know the handlers phone number.  He calls them to issue orders for help in harassing targets.  If you want to find this person, it should not take long at all to find his phone number and location. 

For what I said, a psychopath is aiming a beam weapon at my face now.... 
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