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Friday, August 16, 2013

NTT torture log for Friday, August 16th, 2013

The psychopaths access me in Seattle from satellite.  I have seen other signals coming from inside the apartment complex, but have not verified whether they originate there or are passing through.  

I guess the psychopaths don't think they will be prosecuted, but I do and thats all that counts.  I will see these bastards hang.  It is amazing they don't seem to fear being caught or hurt in anyway, as if they are in denial or think they are omnipotent.  That means one psychopath death would be a big blow to them.  

I am living at Arrowhead Gardens Apartments, it is a retirement community for 62 and older.  I do not get GS here.  I am feeling great about that.  I still get electronic surveillance from satellite and torture.  I guess they are doing it for money. 
 Torturing an old man in his living room is not much of a job to write home about.  Mom would not be happy with the psychopath son, but was she ever happy with the psychopath son.  I think these people are miscreants who will always cause their fellow many heartache and misery when left to themselves.  There is no live and let live.  They just cant do it because they want to control others for some reason.  they get fulfilled by taking from and hurting others.  Logically it can follow that if we are to be safe, we must remove them from society.  They are land mines waiting to inevitably go off BOOM!

The psychopaths in Big Bear City, where I lived last week, didn't think that world wide web exposure would net anything bad for them:)  I can't say anything about the psychopaths in seattle yet.
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