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Monday, August 26, 2013

No Touch Torture log for Monday, August 26th 2013

Mind Control Plus Human DE testing on humans plus murder-revisited

The following link is an article I wrote before justifying my investigation into Biotesting of Humans with DE high powered microwave energy, remotely.  I say remotely because they use remote monitoring of humans and remote delivery of radiation from the weapons.  Most of this technology is out although some is considered classified.  Certainly the Human Bioeffects testing is Secret, but it is only secret
because they are breaking the law through the use of non-consensual human testing which does not allow for non-consensual testing on human test subjects and also human test subjects who are not aware they are being tested.  All people who are involuntarily enrolled in the testing program as Targeted Individuals, are considered expendable and will probably be killed as a result.
My psychopathic handler is keeping me from sleeping.  I have been up all night due to torture with a beam weapon.  This one does not want me to sleep.  It seems like he is stuck on the night shift and he doesn't like it.  He usually has to let his victim sleep and now that I am up, he wants it to stay that way so he can prove he is a man by torturing me.  But that is impossible because he is not a man.  He is a boy and a boy with a toy he will stay.  

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning the reason for my torture in the program.  I am hear to fill a role to apease the rich corporations and investors in the military industrial complex.  They needed a way to test these new Directed Energy Weapons on Human test subjects without consent.  The FBI conceded, giving the use of these weapons over to the private sector to use while the corporations militarized the country via a wired network of weapons on cell phone towers in every town in the United states.  This allows for the tracking and control of humans anywhere in the country with no gaps.  Satellites add to and fill in capabilities.  Private military contractors (who are necessarily Phychopathic) act as handlers to direct the energy on human test subjects.  These psychopathic handlers have accepted employment to basically torture and kill American Citizens who have been made targeted individuals to test the system to show that it works.  These people think they will get immunity from prosecution and are zealous in their prosecution of the targeted individuals.  They see it as their job in the world.  Their psychopathy ensures that they will not develop PTSD as a result of torturing and killing American People.  Targeting American Citizens also serves the purpose of getting rid of Activists, now identified as dissidents and therefore enemies of the United States.  

People are not yet as angry or as worried about this as they should be.  There are now over 500,000 targeted individuals including the ones who don't know they are targeted.  I feel this program can and will be ramped up as they feel the need.  There has been no indication of a let up for those already targeted.  As a matter of fact, the president is now ignoring his own Bioethics Committee data showing the bio-ethical data indicating there IS non-consentual human testing being done as evidenced by dozens of Targeted Individuals, experts and Doctors who gave testimony at the public commentary portion of the meeting, demanding for an investigation.  It would not be hard to embarrass the president into doing the right thing, but there is no reaction or anger to the decision to ignore a request for an investigation, therefore he can probably get away with this.

If you can believe this, he is putting the beam on my throat and around my heart.  I can hear it and feel it.  As usual, the main weapon that is always on is a satellite to the east.  This suposed man is doing this to a 62 year old man, lying in his bed and in his own home (apartment).  This is how the elderly are treated.  I live in the Arrowhead Apartments for seniors off Myers way.  9240 second avenue SW.  You can find this yahoo in this area.  These people are usually local, so they can call people in the area to through roadblocks in their victim/targets way.  This is their job in the world.  
I know this is happening because they want me to know.  Could you be targeted too?  They can do this so that it would be hard to tell, if you didn't already know.  They could burn any part of your body, by doing it slowly.  Imagine a beam of cell phone microwave electricity.  They can change the intensity and focus on any one specific body part or on a muscle.  They like to do the arm or a muscle in your shoulder so that you think it is fibromyalgia.  They love to mimic diseases so that a doctor will treat it.  Then they laugh and laugh...  Think about that picture for a minute.  The guy sits behind a computer monitor (where he does his work), for hours.  He probably gets his jollies this way.  He watches a heat sensitive image of me and uses his mouse to guide the weapon.

NTT torture log for Monday, August 26th 2013
Today was mundane.  The handler was intent on keeping me connected with a beam weapon.  My day and night is reversed so that i am up all night and sleep until 3:00pm.  I had to take 4 showers and wash my scalp off half a dozen times to keep free of chemicals and electronic control.
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