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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Medical issue: Extreme lethargy is making me sleep and need Dr. Appt. to get a physical check up

As a targeted individual, I have to write the following medical information as it may help the doctor diagnose the problem with my extreme lethargy.  I can't go on this way and I must put this in my blog, so
that others may read it, in case of my death.  I will be 62 in Nov. and it is just a matter of time before I have a heart attack or stroke that kills me.  I am not being dramatic, just realistic.  All TI's know that we will be tortured until we die or commit suicide to escape the intense pain of Biotesting of high powered DE weapons.

I have to say that I have undergraduate degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  My observations are educated opinions based on observations of facts related to the educational training  and life's work experiences I have had.
For the last two days (Friday, 8/30/2013 and Saturday 8/31/2013) I have felt so lethargic that I slept all day Friday and half the day today.  I have narcolepsy and to rule that out, I took one pill in the AM and just went back to sleep until 1:00pm.  I took a second one at that time and managed to get up but still felt like I could go back to sleep.  I took a caffeine pill equal to about 1 cup of coffee and felt somewhat awake, but still very lethargic and could still have slept.  After some research I have found two possible reasons for my lethargy after ruling out narcolepsy, because the meds definitely would have awakened me, therefore the lethargy is due to something else.

  One is the handlers weapon, which I have heard and experienced personally, can make someone go to sleep against his will.  The other possible reason for the lethargy is low testosterone.  Since both are possibilities, I cannot rule either out without going to my doctor to get a physical exam.  I had my testosterone checked in 2012 year by Dr. Ollinger and the test came back normal.  Now I have to have it checked again, since I have Medicare so I can find out if the level is low.  The handler can lower hormone levels I have heard, with the weapon, so I will have to go to the doctor so I can get a full physical.  

I will make an appointment with Dr. Ollinger in Everett WA.  Since she tested it before and it was normal, if the handler has hurt me permanently, it will be apparent that the problem is physiological which might show positive results for an injury, since I was not lethargic on Thursday, but was Friday and thereafter.  The handler has already made me impotent and unable to have an erection for the last two years and is permanent.  If my testosterone tests normal again, then the handler is doing something that reverses the level back to normal.  Possibly they a lowering the testosterone to make me sleepy and lethargic.  I will have to have my levels tested and if the level is low and I am still lethargic, then testosterone could be the thing the doctor will probably try.  If that corrects the lethargy, then the psychopathic handler has injured me permanently and I will tell the doctor I was fine on Thursday and it was done sometime after that.  She can compare the testosterone levels to the test from 2012 to see the difference from then to now.  I also have taken testosterone levels several times a year back to 2001, which the doctor can look at if she wants to.
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