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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why are Targeted Individuals attacked with chemicals.

I am being attacked with chemicals mostly to my head and scrotum area and eyes, having it bounce off my skin into my eyes (getting around glasses), but really all over my body and in my food as well.  I have
experience with detecting this phenomenon and verified it physically in real time, with in a test using aluminum foil.  I put a sheet in my groin area or on head and after 5 minutes, I held the foil up to bright light and could see tiny holes in the foil.  The holes are not visible without a bright light in back of the foil.  I have made a video of the holes I have seen in Aluminum foil, subjected to the chemical present.

I believe the chemical is an electrolyte used on us to increase conductivity of specific parts of our bodies to microwave EMF energy.  The head, eyes and mans scrotum are primary targets because blood vessels are close to the skin.  This chemical can enter the body via dermal (skin) absorption and ingestion.   First I have to advise that if you are sick, see a doctor.  From my and other TI experience, telling a doctor about what I am talking about is not helpful.  The following is one scenario that is one of their favorites, so I use it as an example of how to diagnose yourself.  Diagnosing yourself is vital if you are to
  • Be able to judge what is happening to you.
    • What type of EMF radiation do you feel
    • Is it different that what you have experienced before.
    • If you change something, do you notice an improvement.
      • find and remove or mitigate (reduce) chemical
      • take a shower
      • wash a specific body part, head, back of neck, scrotum, breasts, shoulders, stomach, legs, etc.
      •  change position or move yourself
  • Be able to have a chance at :
    • correcting or reducing the effect of chemicals on your body
    • removing or reducing the chemicals in your immediate environment

As an example I will give the following scenario:  At times, I can feel and NOTICE the microwave electricity going through my core and my stomach feels like it is clenched, but the tension is not under my control.  Ok then those are some specific symptoms.  You are the only one who can assess your feelings and then what you can do about.  Going to a doctor is not going to help in this case, because the doctor cannot see the chemical and will not know about the remote torture you are experiencing.  However, the perpetrators have got you on an over exercise tread mill and you can't get off.  First of all, you want to note the feeling is in your gut, so the problem is somewhat localized.   You know that it is caused by microwave EMF radiation (it could be a beam or other I don't know about).  For the purpose of simplifying, think about two main types, microwaves evenly dispersed (diffuse) and a narrow beam (seems like).  In this case I am saying the energy is microwave.   
I would now think that I have either ingested some chemical or have some on my body.  The tension or muscle clenching is in my stomach or lower abdomen so, probably/maybe EMF radiation is causing my muscles to contract and stay contracted, until the EMF is stopped, causing extreme exhaustion, stomach discomfort and then pain later on.  Trying a barrier or blocking like shielding is one of the first things you should try.  If you ate something I really do not know what helps best, because I am not a doctor, but I have tried drinking lots of fluids to decrease the transit time of food eaten to pass through your body.  Eating more fibrous foods is better for you anyway.  There is no plus or minus pole with microwave EMF, but if you think of this chemical on you as muscle or nerve contact points, then removing the contacts (chemical) will reduce the emf.   
The reason it helps to remove the chemical, is because this chemical reduces the resistance to electric current (or increases conductivity) and this allows the EMF to find the shortest distance between two points.  Instead of traveling in a diffuse manor through your body, it finds a straight shot from one contact point to another contact point.  In this case, I believe one of the points is the (scrotum for men) and the stomach or any other area really on the upper body, making or allowing much of the EMF current to pass through your CORE directly, in a straight line.   This means that most of the EMF current is concentrated or diverted through this one path, rather than passing through your body evenly or in a diffuse manner.  This process allows them to focus microwave energy on or through specific body parts.  Think how this can be done with specific muscles, as through one spot on your shoulder for instance, which might feel a lot like fibromylagia or a sore stiff muscle.  What I am talking about are subtle differences, which if you notice what is happening, you will be more proactive in helping yourself.  

It is the scrotum in men and labia in women (not sure) that is a favorite target of chemical.  So also keep in mind that not showering regularly will allow the current to pass through this area and in addition to what I said, it will reduce sensitivity of this area over time.  In other words it causes impotence related to loss of nerve sensation.
 In this case taking a shower may help a great deal and it couldn't hurt.  Wash everywhere, especially the scrotum, scalp and stomach areas, where the chemical is most likely.  You can also do this with a wash cloth if you can't or don't want to shower.  If you do not remove the chemical, the effects will wear you down over time.

  I might take more than one (multiple) shower in a day to try to wash off the chemicals, especially if you are being hit with it continuously.  Some days are like that.  I noticed that when I took a shower, the areas where the chemicals were,  itched and or burned terribly when exposed to the hot water, trying to wash it off.  After the shower, I might notice also that a towel that is on the rack is contaminated, because I can hear the tiny electrical Sparks or a TIC TIC.. sound (you may not hear or feel this, most do not).  I do not hear this if I get a new towel or hide the towel under plastic for example.  In any event, wash your towels and cloths often to decontaminate.  

I can see chemicals around the house with an ultraviolet light that fluoresce bright yellow but are invisible under normal lighting.  Incidentally, you can buy a UV light from LOWES or HOME DEPOT for about $30.00.  You should protect your eyes with glasses that filter out UV light.

These chemicals are on many places in the house and are concentrated in the living areas areas where you spend most of your time..  I can clean it off and eliminate the chemicals but sometimes they are on textured ceilings and walls.  I could not clean it off but tried using paint and that worked to a certain extent.  I noticed that the paint was now on the leather sofa, which I got on purpose so that the chemicals were easy to clean off.  There are very tiny spattering on the black leather of white paint that seem to be fused to the leather and not just splattered.  The droplets are very uniform and are very in size, but shape seems to be uniform.  It is as though electronically they are clearing off the paint covering the chemical with tiny controlled electronic explosions.  I have undergraduate degrees in biology, electronics and computer science, so I can make observations about the what, how and why this is happening.  They seem to be able to fire this chemical in tiny pieces that will penetrate my clothes and go through hair to slightly penetrate the first layer of skin.

I have done research and found that it is most like a very controlled "Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition", which is a microwave nano technology industrial process.  In other words the Psychopath operating the Microwave weapon, can use the weapon to induce the chemical from a deposit on the wall (for example) and to send nano particles of the chemical in a very controlled, precise and accurate manner to the subject (person).  From what I can see this an off the shelf process to etch transistors into the silicon of micro processors, clean industrial pieces or to nano coat industrial pieces.  In my view this can be viewed as a micro chemical or drug delivery system, which delivers micro doses of this chemical, however it can be used to deliver virus' or bacteria.  Most people do not know about this chemical process but I have talked to many TI's who have verified my results to one extent or another.  I have asked TI's to try the aluminum foil piece on head or groin for 5 minutes and then check it under a bright light for the presence of very tiny holes made by chemical particles.  Often they have verified the holes in the foil and will go further if they can be convinced of the need.  The aluminum foil will not protect from anything and is used merely as a test to see if you are being attacked with chemicals.  The presence of holes in the foil is definitive in that if holes are present, you are being attacked with the chemicals.

I have also noticed that the pupils of my eyes are drawn tight at times, that is that I have pin point pupils, also called meiosis.  This effect is constant no matter what amount of light is exposed to or taken away from they eyes.  I could only relate the cause to acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (anticholinergic).  Meiosis can be caused by a number of things, but symptoms are consistent with some degree of organophospates or carbamate poisoning.  It may also be something specific to the chemical used, but I have not identified it.   I have noticed Meiosis in other known TI's and also observed the condition in people during the course of the day.  I started noticing meiosis in others after my doctor asked me if I was still taking pain medication after surgery and I was not although realized that it was obvious that I had meiosis which opioid's can cause.

In addition, I can hear the TIC TIC...noise which lets me know this chemical is hitting my scalp.   Also the crackling some people can feel when they are being radiated with microwaves.  I also notice that along with the sound I can hear the accompanied tinnitus or ringing in my ears increasing with exposure to the chemical.  It often happens that I am hit with chemical upon awakening from sleep or seemingly when a better connection is desired by the handler, the tinnitus and chemical sparks and increasing microwave feeling in my head go together.  I can now deduce that the Pychopath torturing me wants to connect closer or see better through my eyes and either increases the microwave power or introduces more chemicals or both, toward that end.

We can't stop this from happening if we don't know who is doing it.  Our enemy is doing this to us and we need to know who that is and how to identify them.  A good documentary film on our common enemy (Psychopaths) is "I AM FISHEAD". 
If you haven't watched this movie, you should because everyone should be able to at least know who the enemy is and what they are capable of doing to normal people.  Psychopaths and Sociopaths have antisocial personality disorder.  They are characterized by a stunning lack of empathy or caring for other people as well as lack of remorse.
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW." Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.

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