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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The President Said He Would Bomb Syria

August 31, 22013
Syria's action to use chemical weapons could lead to escalating chemical weapons, the
President said.

He wants to use military force against Syria.   Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is a hypocrite because of the following statements he made:
he said: 
"this attack is an assault on human dignity"
"This is a security concern"
"risks making a mockery of the global prohibition on the use of chemical weapons".
Using Directed Energy Weapons on Targeted Individuals (TI's), who are American Citizens on American soil. 
A> This is murder
C> This is inhumane and  undignified
D> This is torture
E> This is a security concern because it builds on the security LIES that have and are being told.  Also this is in violation of the Geneva Convention, The Nuremberg Code and other treaties and International laws.

By the Presidents own admission, he has broken International and American Laws and therefore deserves to be charged with crimes.

All the laws The President accuses Syria of breaking, are the same laws he has broken himself.  The people are being lied to about Targeted Individuals.  This lie has to be corrected and the truth told about this heinous crime.  I can see the President wants to continue covering up this lie, but he must not be allowed to continue lying to the American Public.
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