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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

daily NTT log for Tuesday, June 4, 2013

daily NTT log for Tuesday, June 4, 2013.
Torture is lighter today.  There is only one torturer on me right now, a satellite just a little east of vertical.  I have so many magnets, my smart phone compass is not accurate, so I have to estimate
satellite  position.  Satellites are not the norm however.  Usually cell phone towers are used and perp neighbors living around me.  There is only a monitoring lock on my brain and there has been a little sonic beam, but nothing major.  Days like this are few and far between.  The perps must be at their day jobs.  Spoke too soon, there is a stabbing pain in my right, lower chest around the first and second ribs from the bottom.  The perps can read what I write on my computer.  They watch all day mostly.  They can see through my eyes, but can also remote in to computer and smartphone (probably the case now)  I can tell when they want to see through my eyes better, to see what I am looking at, because I hear faint spark cracks in my neck and feel my hair stand on end.  They turn up the power of their connection or brain lock.  Sometimes they need more electrolyte, because the energy is just passing through, so they project pre placed chemical at my head, eyes and scrotum.  They probably put it other places too, but I can hear and feel it in the sensitive areas.  I can't feel or hear the scrotum hits though, I have used a jock strap for protection.  They somehow get it past the jock cup and it causes more damage.  My scrotum itches at 9 out of 10 on the itchy scale.  I need to wash off or take a shower when that happens.  I believe placing the toxin/electrolyte causes impotence, which for the most part has already happened.  I think that electrolyte on my scrotum allows microwave current to travel up through my abdomen and core of my body, maybe to my head where it is there other favorite place to put the toxin/electrolyte.  This way they can target the core of my body.

Inflamation and cell mutation and damage are the objectives for the microwaves.  I can see that they will work on one part for days before switching off of it and letting it alone for a while.  One thing they love to do is make my heart stop/start or fibrillate for one beat.  I can feel something like pressure building up in my chest and then there is the flub-dub of my heart taking a missed beat.  They can also make me short of breath right away (using a sonic weapon).  They have been focusing the beam on my thumb and index finger of my right hand.  It feels like it is burning when they do that.  They stopped beaming my knee joints, in favor of  burning about one inch down from my knee joint on my left knee.  I guess they figured they were  wearing the cartilage thin and didnt want any damage severe enough for a doctor to notice out of the ordinary.
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