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Friday, June 14, 2013

torture log for Friday, June 14 2013

Today my torturers weapons are coming from the following directions.
ESE 0 degrees
N      0 degrees
SW 45 degrees
E      Ham operator 0 degrees
S      0 degrees 821 Fir ln (Twila) or next door White P/U truck two guys and a truck present 9:00am

I am getting sonic beams to the right side of my head (temporal area) (from South or South East).  Two guys and w truck are usually the ones that aim for head.  Also, I my r hip is being beamed as I lie down in bed.  They are aiming under the bed to do this, showing they are using a hand held weapon at 0 degrees. 

Other areas: I was getting beam weapon burns to my L torso (lung area), neck, r face, r shoulder, r hand, r thumb as I was using computer laying on my bed.  

12:45pm  I am being attacked by a sonic beam weapon hitting the right cheek bone and making my upper right molars ache and my cheek bone aches.  They are being heated from the inside, so that inflammation occurs.  I just found out about the area that is being attacked being the location of the trigeminal nerve which is around my cheek bone 
 There are medical conditions they are striving for, in this case trigeminal neuralgia
As I reported in a previous post, in 2012, my left trigeminal nerve was attacked and I heard at least one of my molars crack.  Now they are doing the same to my right side of my face.  Also, It is notable that these people are low level government military sub contractors.  They send their time up through the ranks to the prime contractor who submits for payment to the government agency they are working for.  There are by far more private military contractors than there are military personnel.

These contractors have obviously learned some basic pathalogic anatomy, enough to be misdiagnosed as a common disease, rather than damage from a directed energy weapon. 
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