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Monday, June 3, 2013

Opinion on Commentary: Maryland v. King and the Total Loss of Our Bodily Integrity

Opinion BY: James F Lico TI

Jonathan W Whitehead, founder of human rights group "RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE" is justifiably concerned about the latest human rights abuse.  He stated today:
“Make no mistake about it: As an entirely predictable consequence of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national DNA database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.” 
While it is bad news that this human rights abuse has occurred, I think you have to put this in perspective.  There is the much more serious and egregious crime of torture tolerance testing on tens
of thousands of targeted individuals, the object of which is to improve kill ratios of said torture.  While kill ratio improvements might be a big deal to a psychopath, it isn't a valid test that the United States should be performing on it's own citizens, since according to President Obama, "WE DON'T TORTURE".  This should not be an issue for a civilized democratic society, but unfortunately it is an issue, because it is a war crime against humanity to name one of many violations.  

In addition, national security secrecy cannot be used as an excuse to hide this crime because it is illegal to hide criminal activity, war crimes against humanity for instance, by claiming secrecy for national security reasons. This crime can be proved as of right now (anytime soon would be fine). This crime has also opened the floodgates of a nationwide epidemic of crime and corruption (EYES WIDE SHUT!).

from my perspective, letting criminals get away with more serious and egregious crimes against humanity (torture tolerance testing on TI's for instance), opens the floodgates for all sorts of lesser human rights abuses, with a yawn and a ho hum.. so what (correctomundo?).  Everyone knows about targeted individuals, criminals doing it of course and lawmakers, even though they deny knowing.  If egregious crimes can go ignored and unpunished, what chance do you have getting recognition for or prosecuting lesser human rights violations.  They like minor ticket-able offenses in comparison.  It is human nature...right?.  Why don't we just open our collective eyes and fix the problem.  It has been ignored for too long.  A senate investigation like the Sam Church Committee hearings of the 70's for MKULTRA is in order right now!  Stand up to the secrecy cabal and deal with this issue before more damage is done to the fabric of our country.
Commentary: Maryland v. King and the Total Loss of Our Bodily Integrity

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