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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NTT log for Tuesday June 11, 2013

NTT log for Tuesday June 11, 2013
Image From Snagit 6/9/2013 8:49:31 AM

My torturer/handler today is a cell phone tower from the South East.  I know it is probably a cell phone tower because my directional meter says it is from SE at a 45 degree angle approx.  (to high for neighbor
and too low for satellite.)  It could however still be a house on higher ground than my house.  There are hills off in that direction, so it could be coming from a house on one of the hills.  The thing is, I tried to find that signal before and could't.  These torturers know every move I make and can see through my eyes.  They will turn off the signal when I get close.  They will even turn it off sometimes when I just do a scan from my house.  They won't turn it off if they believe there is little chance of getting caught.  The best time to catch them, when they are off guard.

So as of right now it is just the one and I am being subjected to a beam weapon hitting me in the stomach, giving me an upset stomach and also hitting me in my right shoulder.  My sense is that they try to make the torture sometimes seem like you have natural aches and pains.  They don't seem normal however.  It is obvious to me that they start and stop abruptly and are from the direction I am measuring EMF coming from.

I called Congressman Paul Cook's office yesterday about the DEW torture and spoke with Anita.  I was told that someone will call me and so I will give them the courtesy of waiting until Wednesday, before calling back.

As of 2:00pm today other directions of DEW attacks are from the following directions:
South sky Satellite
NW 45deg. @2:14pm
These are simultaneous attacks from all directions at once.  Could it be that I am being retaliated against for contacting my congressman yesterday?  I will find out as I will be calling again tomorrow.  I am angered by these domestic attacks by terrorists and the failure of our government officials to help.  

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