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Friday, June 21, 2013

NTT torture log for Thursday, June 20, 2013

NTT torture log for Thursday, June 20, 2013,
There are six military contractors irradiating me tonight with infrasonic or sonic beam weapons.  They are taking turns.  They are told to make me think they are omnipotent and there is no way I can stop it.  But for me, just knowing the direction they are shooting from is a big step in locating the torturers.  There are houses that I can place some of the sources (marked).  The torturers i believe consider themselves

guess which one.
a) patriots
b) murderers 
c) geniuses
d) entrepreneurs 
e) businessmen  have electronic weapon, will travel
f) psychopaths
g) morons
h) agents
I) military contractors

Weapons are aimed at me from these directions as indicated by my directional meter.  See map that I have previously posted.  Its a high def picture, which can be expanded to show detail of perps houses that I know of.  The number of psychopaths in my neighborhood is a higher percentage of society, if this is a random sample of Americans.  They actually believe torturing another human being to death is an OK job.  Maybe they think that the world can use a few less people..  or maybe they just need some extra money and torturing someone to death for dollars is just the thing to get that new car they have been dreaming about.  What if they think they are entrepreneurs who are just taking part in the new torture someone to death economy, while helping to lower the national debt also.  The good part is that they don't have to pay taxes on the $1500 or so extra money they make every month.  It would be kind of weird if they reported the extra money on their taxes wouldn't it.  I guess they could put it under private contracting, but what would they say they did for it.  Wouldn't everyone torture another human being to death for an extra 50-75 grand a year on top of other income.  What could possibly go wrong.  It is like have gun will travel all over again.  Just leave your morality and humanity at the door.

S  821 fir ln  twila
E  Ham operator x street
N  809 fir ln
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