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Monday, June 3, 2013

NTT personal log for Monday, 6/3/2013

5 torturers on one old man... me..  and all at the same time, with sonic beams (aka scalar?).  This is very painful and immediately destructive.  they are damaging my right hand, thumb and index finger and left wrist.

They are all torturing me at the same time because I have shielding and also I have a directional meter.  They want me to believe that even though I know where every point source is, that I will be scared and confused as to where the beams are coming from.  Most do not have directional meters with elevation and so probably would be overwhelmed.  However, even though I know where they all are, I can't stop all of them and the torture is barbaric. So the fact is I know which house the horizontal beams are coming from.  I do not know where the cell tower or satellite person is.  They could be anywhere, but are usually right in the community so they can direct perps on the ground and make calls to bushiness owners.

 I suppose that they need to sandbag on me so that they can tell their boss that they are making process in my murder.  They must be spending $10,000 per week on me.  These are tax dollars they are wasting on torturing.  These guys are paid well.

In addition, I realized just today that these torturers are not paying any taxes on their ill gotten gains.  However money I pay in taxes goes to pay for them to torture me.  They will probably thing that is very funny.  I will need to report new vehicles to the IRS.  Al Capone was brought down by the IRS, when the FBI had nothing to arrest him for.

1 sattelite
1 north E
1 south
1 east
1 North west cell tower
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