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Friday, June 14, 2013

torture log for Thursday, June 13 2013

torture log for Thursday, June 13 2013
Today my torturers weapons are coming from the following directions.
N       809 fir ln
E      Ham operator

I was lying down in bed and when I got up, I got as far as the bedroom door and felt like I would pass out.  I held onto the door frame to ride it out.  This was similar to other times when I have been overcome by chemical neurotoxin/electrolyte from the perps.  This used to happen when I was back in my Everett, WA apartment.  I took a shower to wash off the residue and felt much better.  I was sitting in the living room without my leather hat and must have got some on my scalp.

I was getting beam weapon burns to my toes, right forearm, r hand, r finger tips, while sitting on the couch.  Now I feel rhythmic muscle twitches in my left leg  (shin area, ~2Hz).
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