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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Torture log for Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning on 6/5/2013

I have 4 or 5 people torturing me tonight.  3 are my neighbors and the other two may be my neighbors.  They almost killed me earlier today.  it started when I went outside to cut the grass.  the 30's thugs in the house next to 821 Twilas were torturing me while I was cutting the grass with a weed wacker.  They were using a sonic beam to burn my forearms, so it hurt to carry the weed wacker.  After I got back in, my arms were shaking so badly that I could not hold anything to drink or anything that couldn't stand shaking all around.

At 5:30pm when this happened there were only two torturers on me at the same time.  The two thugs in the old ladies house next to Twila.  and one source coming from a satellite.  I guess tonights crew works all day and likes to torture at night to unwind.  Actually they are sexual deviants who get their jollies by torturing and killing people.  Right now they are burning my index finger on my right hand.

I am still weak from the torture from earlier this afternoon.  My heart rate went up to 105BPM and my blood pressure went up to 152 over 94.  It would not go down.  I took a second toprol and clonopin and after 2 hours it finally started to go down (BP and heart rate).  The men who did this to me are the same men who ganged up on me and threatened to beat me up because I took a picture of thug 1's truck.  They are criminals and I will do it again.  They don't scare me.  They will do what they will do anyway.  I am prepared to die and I am not afraid.  I can serve the survivors by being a martyr to the cause.I have written up who is who in this neighborhood as far as I know.   Houses, cars and descriptions will have to suffice.  I will turn my explanation into the police and have already copied some friends I can trust, telling them what is going on.  There  is nothing anyone can do until I am dead.

I have already written the Mayor and city council and congressman and senators.  I have not heard back.  It is funny because now that I have complained, when I am killed these people will be forced to at least acknowledge that I came to them for help and they ignored me and because of their negligence, I died from the effects of horrific torture.  Now that scenario is something that can be acted upon.  I have a directional meter so it is only natural that I knew where the tortures were.

Also, I realized these torturers do not pay taxes on their torture money.  They can't because it is illegal.  Many get cars and trucks.  The ones who threatened me drive here in an old white pickup truck.  It will be interesting when I see them driving around in a new truck.  Then I can get the dealers name and report that and the fact they do not pay taxes on a significant amount of money given to them in exchange for torturing me.  If asked about the source of income they will not be able to provide an excuse and the dealer will be investigated and then the rest of the neighbors.  One of them may rat on the others which would help.

This all may happen even if I am still alive, because I have already reported all this once and when I report again, I can be convincing and motivating.  Should be interesting.

I have to stop now because my right hand and right forearm hurt from torture I am receiving as I write from the  two thugs next to 821 Twila's house.

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