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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Torture Log For Sunday June 16th 2013

Torture log for Sunday, June 16 2013 with extra commentary and observations.
Right now I can feel electricity in my mouth on my tongue and lips are vibrating.  My righthand was burned with a beam weapon for 2 hours.   It is obvious to me that I have been targeted for death, due to torture in excess of my physical limits, by my neighbors on
Fir Ln. in Big Bear City CA and surrounding environs.  When my time comes, please exploit it to TI's advantage.  I have written many legislators and the local city council, mayor, where I live.  See my blog  I have told people previously to download the blog, incause it is tampered with.  Also most has been shared on google and facebook.

Continuing with daily log, my brain was burned with a beam weapon for 2 hours causing dissolution of memory and in effect menticide.  Also, L knee, the heals of both feet, heart (stop/release), right ankle.  These things are serious torture with the short and long term outcome being to induce crippling injuries.
12:55pm Sunday- torture coming from 821 Fir Ln. Big Bear City CA.  Could be Twila or her nephew or her friend whom I met in grocery store.  When talking to Twila about TI's, she told me some people need to be watched.  Alternatively, torture coming from 823 Fir ln. (house next to twila)  There is a constant turnover of people in and out of there.  A disabled lady lives there who needs caretakers, but not the type who are often there (see nfo page).  
why gang up on one old man.
there are often no fewer than 4 to 5 mil contractors torturing me at one time.
Today there are no less than 6 mil contractors torturing me at the same time.
This is obviously excessive and my opinnion is that  I have been targeted for death, with tactics that will kill me based on my age and physical condition.  It is just a matter of months from now and not years.
N       0d
NE      0d
SE      0d
SW      45d cell tower
S        0d 821 Fir ln, Twila house or next door 
SAT 180d signal goes off when i am homing in obfuscation effort.

No one is attacked from 6 directions unless the expected outcome is death.

Obviously a lot of money is being expended on me to get me back into their mold of a scared, dis-eased person with ptsd.  So far it has not worked, except to heap tremendous torture, psychological abuse and stress on my body.  I am an old man and old man are apt to die of heart attack, stroke, etc anyway.  It appears that if they cant get me into compliance the ultimate outcome is death due to natural causes.  I am getting weaker, staying in bed a lot where i have shield protection.  I am not permitted to exercise because of crippling injuries meted out by the mil contractors on an Ad-Hoc basis.

  Usually satellites open up on an as needed basis to assist ground personnel, it may be slightly more frequent on me due to their obvious need to keep me reeling from horendous torture, by in this case 6 torture sources at the same time.  They know I have a directional meter and make efforts to hide themselves.  But in general, because I have shielding and know the location of weapon point sources, they feel it necessary to put the extra torture resources on me because the nature of having a TI that is protecting himself and having to overpower that protection inorder to get that TI (ME) back to their normal state by intimidation and shows of force.  They want to have a stasis where I am afraid or terrified and in a constant state of dis-ease, I can only guess so that I will make decisions based on fear and not use rational judgment.  This has been the basis on multiple mil contractors ganging up on me from the time I moved here.  They probably figured it would have been a quick transition to put me back into a state of fear and dis-ease so they could resume normal torture in a more efficient manner.  I have not cooperated, because I know what they are doing, have monitored the commings and goings of mil contractors, have shielding to protect my self which works partially but not totally, because of their show of fouce with weapons converged on me from in this case 6 directions

 Direction and elevation conclusions
0d=0 degrees, basis horizontal ground location.     This means that the point source is on the ground and probably a portable weapon, controlled by someone at the location of the point source

45d=45 degrees basis horizontal baseline relative offset in direction of point source.  45 degrees is about the right level of a cell phone tower.  minor deviations are still considered in this area and only become subject to interpretation at the outside rails.  For instance the upper limit could be either cell tower or sat, depending on elevation and interpretation.  The lower limit could have wide interpretation, because hills in this area could house portable weapons that put their location and elevation up near 45 degrees, and subject to interpretation.

motivation and general observations and questions that I have, of mil contractors who flock to this area and or who are residents of this community.

  • These thugs by definition of what they do, are psychopathic or sociopathic and are therefore also considered predators.
  • What is going on with these people who take jobs torturing people for a living.
  • Why do they think it is ok to torture people in there home, yet feel they want privacy.  Are these people psychopaths, who are only in it for themselves.
  • Do they have family
  • are they married or have significant other
  • what do they want out of life
  • are they doing this for sexual gratification
  • could they be voyeuristic perverted individuals
  • my life couldn't be that interesting to anyone
  • they watch me and can see through my eyes and
  • they  hear through my ears.
  • they read what I write on my computer
  • I must be very interesting, i guess because I am a live old man
  • they love to torture me.
  • some have special torture likes and desires.
  • some are drug addicts 
  • some are alcoholics
  • yet they prefer to watch a 62 year old man
  • A robber can hold me up and can rob me, yet these thugs come back day after day after day 
  • they torture me all day and every waking hour and make my life miserable
  • probably there are not many ti's in this town, because these contractors all come here to torture me
  • I am a man yet to these people I am a paycheck.
  • They suck on the corporate dick to get sustenance
  • These people have lost any moral fiber they once had
  • people are finding out about psychopaths and sociopaths
  • People will find it very interesting that  these people would watch an old man 
  • people will find it interesting that they torture him on a 24/7 basis.
  • these thugs will be pariahs 
  • no one will want to talk to them
  • no one will want to have sex with them and spread their disgusting genes
  • children will walk to the other side of the road when the come along
  • They will be treated like sex offenders, who incidentally are psychopathic or sociopathic.
  • These thugs should have to register with police the same sex offenders, so the public will know where they are and can avoid these vicious predators.
We should consider psychopathic and sociopathic torturers, who's job it is to torture and make the lives of their victims hell on earth in this slow kill program, with the intention of driving them to commit suicide or cause injuries that would ultimately result in their deaths, to be a clear and perpetual danger to the public.

These thugs remotely monitor victims in an effort to cause death from stroke, heart attack or via induction of simulated diseases which their attacks are designed to emulate to elicit an incorrect diagnosis, instead of injuries induced by directed energy weapons.  Examples of this include the usual heart attack, stroke, but more exotic ones include nerve damage, isolated to peripheral neuropathy, Trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis due to skeletal joint damage.  Finally but not least is Fibromialgia, which is induced over and reinforced over again through repeated attacks on the same targeted muscle group, to cause inflammation and pain which mimics  the symptoms of fibromialgia closely enough to ensure a diagnosis to that effect.  One more attack on the teeth and gums is designed to induce dental problems due to decay, inflamation of nerves within teeth and deterioration of nerves and soft gum tissue surrounding teeth.  Also, lets not forget through rectum attacks or frontal attacks to prostate, penis and testicles with intent to deteriorate sensitive nerves to render the subject impotent or induce cancer.  Certainly their is a psychological trauma attack intended here in addition to torture. These people have studied just enough anatomy to perpetrate torture, disease and death from what I have already mentioned and much much more I might add.  I have only mentioned some of my observations on procedures done to me.  I didnt mention that they target my eyes and my eyesight is failing, due to this at an alarming rate.  In just 1 year I have gone from needing 1.25 reading correction to 3.75 reading correction.

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